Pre-financing the clean energy transition

We connect capital to meaningful products

We help our clients to cut energy cost while improving the performance of their buildings
Win for Investor
fixed 7% return
investment in clean energy transition
annuity payments
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Win for Planet
reduced carbon emission
less waste
Better usage of resources
Win for User
reduced costs
increased sustainability
energy efficient building
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We finance
the following solutions
And provide it as a service
Choose the segment in which you operate
And see what solutions can improve
your building's performance
  • Offices

    Both tenants and owner can push towards a more efficient building

  • Retail

    We can help getting insights in energy consumption and reduce costs

  • Hospitality

    Largest savings can be achieved due to 24/7 use of electricity

  • Industry

    Reduce costs and increase the lifespan of your equipment

  • Military

    Our advanced monitoring, analytics and reporting systems provide you with an accurate, real-time insight on every facet of your energy consumption

  • Other

    We are open to find out how we can help reduce your electricity consumption

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